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Well, the Chinese do seem concerned with having an innovative economy, since they have to compete within the context of a global economy that is mostly capitalist. And in the case of China, I think they are concerned with developing recipes for cook shops in the present and near future.

As for us, I would agree we should not expend too much intellectual energy on recipes for cook shops of the future, whose details we cannot possibly hope to anticipate. However, we must still keep in mind, that bourgeois economics, whatever else it may be, is a powerful ideological weapon in the hands of the ruling class. Margaret Thatcher's doctrine of TINA (there is no alternative) has been promulgated by the schools, universities, and mass media, for many decades and has sunk into the consciousness of many, if not most people, including even leftists. Therefore, I think it is of some value if it can be shown that even bourgeois economic theory does not preclude the possibility of a non-capitalist future.

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"> The second is how innovative such an economy could ever hope to be. It is hard for consumers to signal a data demand for a product that does not yet exist. In some respects, it would be like trying to drive into the future by staring into the rear-view mirror."

The whole question is more complicated than what follows, but :

1) What difference does it make whether an economy is innovative?

2) Recipes for the cook shops are intellectually destructive unless recognized as merely a device for seeing the present. As serious visions of the future they are absolutely corrupting.


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