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Before expanding on this post I want to read the paragraph in Capital 1 in which Marx hypothesizes a general plan for production in a given year. (With my eyes there is no way I could find it, though it's underlined & shadowed in each of my copies of Capital.) Could someone convert it to plain text & send it to me.

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"> The second is how innovative such an economy could ever hope to be. It is hard for consumers to signal a data demand for a product that does not yet exist. In some respects, it would be like trying to drive into the future by staring into the rear-view mirror."

The whole question is more complicated than what follows, but :

1) What difference does it make whether an economy is innovative?

2) Recipes for the cook shops are intellectually destructive unless recognized as merely a device for seeing the present. As serious visions of the future they are absolutely corrupting.


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