[lbo-talk] (Fwd) Latest Trump revelations on Russia and Kazakhstan: real estate deals, mafia, stolen funds

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Wed Sep 27 22:29:38 PDT 2017

My friend Jim Henry - former McKinsey chief economist (and now one of that ethically-challenged firm's biggest critics) - has done some superb dot-connecting to Trump's property-empire relations with Russian thugs. Here's a new Dutch doccie worth spending a half-hour on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqesw5kwEow&feature=youtu.be

Since so much of the Moscow fear-mongering has come from Hillary Clinton's scammers, I've not been such a fan of this line of argument. But this - following Jim's /American Interest /article last December https://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/12/19/the-curious-world-of-donald-trumps-private-russian-connections/ - is really convincing, especially the Felix Sater links.

It seems Amsterdam is one of this syndicate's major tax havens. Great to see this being unveiled - Mueller will run with it, but can activists in the U.S., Holland, Russia and Kazakhstan? (The latter was allegedly looted by Sater's mates.)

Here in South Africa, there is such wonderful progress now being made in justifying (and in Bell Pottinger's case, carrying out) corporate death sentences, with KPMG and McKinsey next in the domino lineup. So far it's been the media, lawyers, public interest groups and opposition parties having most fun. Yesterday the largest trade union federation and SA Communist Party put tens of thousands of anti-corruption activists on the streets. Last night at Wits, our former finance minister Pravin Gordhan - quite the ex-marxist neolib, responsible for much pain and suffering from 2009-17 - very convincingly called for mass marches against our parastatals, several of which were infected by KPMG and McKinsey, including Eskom and Transnet. As Gordhan repeatedly emphasised, "mass action" is the traditional way we bring these guys down. I hope a wide variety of people are listening to him now!

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