[lbo-talk] John O'Neill, " In partial praise of a positivist The work of Ott o N eurath"

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Sat Mar 10 07:23:41 PST 2018

Mark Lindley and myself did discuss Otto Neurath in our paper on Friedrich Hayek, since it was in reaction to Neurath, that Ludwig von Mises wrote his 1920 piece, Economic calculation in the socialist commonwealth, which triggered the socialist calculation debates in the first place

As John O'Niell pointed out there were several socialist calculation debates. These included the debates in which Oskar Lange, Abba Lerner, Fred M. Taylor, etc. lined up against Friedirch Hayek. But parallel to that, there was also an ongoing debate between Hayek and Otto Neurath, which emphasized somewhat different issues.

See: https://www.academia.edu/3291616/The_Strange_Case_of_Dr._Hayek_and_Mr._Hayek

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