[lbo-talk] Corey Robin on "The New Socialists" - NY Times

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Sat Aug 25 05:13:47 PDT 2018

I think that Corey Robin's article suffers from a confusion between socialism and social democracy. The latter is basically capitalism plus a welfare state and maybe some state owned industries. The former is premised on an overturning of the capitalist mode of production and its replacement by a mode of production based on social ownership of the means of production where the associated actually run the enterprises in which they toil and where distribution of what is produced moves over time from the principle of from each according to her ability to to each according to her work, to the principle of from each according to her ability to each according to her needs.

To be sure social democracy would be a big step from what we have now. But then, we must ask ourselves why social democracy has been in retreat over the past thirty years, including in its traditional strongholds like the Scandinavian countries.


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