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Sat Dec 5 18:40:14 PST 1998

[For those few of you who missed this. In journalism, it's said that people often go off the record to spice up flavorless material.]

Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 16:32:04 -0500 (EST) From: Gerald Levy <glevy at pratt.edu> X-Sender: glevy at acnet Reply-To: pen-l at galaxy.csuchico.edu To: pen-l at galaxy.csuchico.edu Subject: [PEN-L:1267] OPE-L ARCHIVES ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB MIME-Version: 1.0 Sender: owner-pen-l at galaxy.csuchico.edu

I am very pleased to announce that the OPE-L (Outline on Political Economy) mailing list has decided to make our archives available to the public.

OPE-L is a small, closed list of Marxists which has been discussing controversial issues in political economy since September, 1995. (A listing of current and former members appears at the end of this message).

Our messages were *not intended for publication* -- they were intended to be read only by list members. We are, therefore, making our archives public subject to the following modest condition: *you may not indicate the authors of any quotes or messages that you cite*. This applies for *all* publications, including Internet mailing lists and newsgroups.

*You will be required to agree to the above condition before you will be granted access to the OPE-L archives*.

Our WWW archives were created and are maintained by Iwao Kitamura. All archives are sorted by month. There is a search string that you can use and "monthly reviews" that you can access.

The URL is:


If you have any questions about the OPE-L archives policy or the list in general, you should contact me at this address <glevy at pratt.edu>.

You may forward this message to any interested lists or individuals.


In solidarity,

Jerry Levy

Coordinator, OPE-L


*OPE-L Current and Former Subscribers*

I. Current subscribers:

Mariko Adachi (Japan) Michio Akama (Japan) Samir Amin (Senegal) Chris Arthur (UK) Alejandro Valle Baeza (Mexico) Riccardo Bellofiore (Italy) Jurriaan Bendien (Netherlands) Rakesh Bhandari (US) Antonio Callari (US) Reinaldo Carcanholo (Brazil) Francisco Paolo Cipolla (Brazil) Bill Cochrane (New Zealand) Paul Cockshott (UK) Allin Cottrell (US) Stephen Cullenberg (US) Massimo DeAngelis (UK) Suzanne de Brunhoff (France) Maria de Lourdes Mollo (Brazil) Hans Ehrbar (US) Anders Ekeland (Norway) John R. Ernst (US) Duncan Foley (US) Alan Freeman (UK) Claus Magno Germer (Brazil) Paolo Giussani (Italy) Ian Hunt (Australia) Makoto Itoh (Japan) Seongjin Jeong (S. Korea) Nam-Hoon Kang (S. Korea) Iwao Kitamura (Japan) Andrew Kliman (US) David Laibman (US) Costas Lapavitsas (UK) Michael A. Lebowitz (Canada) Chai-on Lee (S. Korea) Jerry Levy (US) Eduardo Maldonado-Filho (Brazil) Abelardo Flores Marina (Mexico) Patrick Mason (US) Stavros Mavroudeas (Greece) Terrence Mc Donough (Ireland) Ted McGlone (US) Ryu Dong-Min (S. Korea) Simon Mohun (UK) Fred Moseley (US) Leda Maria Paulani (Brazil) Michael Perelman (US) Nelson Pinto (Brazil) Alejandro Ramos (Belieze) Geert Reuten (Netherlands) Bruce Roberts (US) Alfredo Saad Filho (UK) Anwar Shaikh (US) Ajit Sinha (Australia) Gilbert Skillman (US) Murray Smith (Canada) Tony Smith (US) Andrew Trigg (UK) Persefoni Tsaliki (Greece) Lefteris Tsoulfidis (Greece) Brendan Tuohy (New Zealand) Philippe Van Parijs (Belgium) Julian Wells (UK) Michael Williams (UK) Paul Zarembka (US)

II. Former subscribers:

Carole Biewener (US) Paul Burkett (US) Guglielmo Carchedi (Netherlands) Jim Devine (US) Gerard Dumenil (France) Heiner Ganssmann (Germany) Steve Keen (Australia) Dominique Levy (France) Paul Mattick, Jr. (US) Bill Mitchell (Australia) Michele Naples (US) Jim O'Connor (US)


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