Wellstone and Pinochet

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Mon Dec 7 05:50:26 PST 1998

> Dear Max,
> The last time I sent Wellstone a dollar, he sent me back a note with what
> appears to be a real signature on it. The note said, "you'll be
> hearing from me
> again." I guess he wasn't kidding.
> I'm going to send him another dollar and if sends me his
> autograph again I'll
> give it to you.
> Suitable for framing.

If you offer to host him at a meeting of your local, you could probably get your picture taken with him, along with the autograph.

Looks like 'Dollar Bill' and Space Cadet Kerrey are getting in too. Should make for interesting debate.

Regards, Max

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