Wellstone & Bradley

pms laflame at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 7 17:00:58 PST 1998

>The last time I sent Wellstone a dollar, he sent me back a note with what
>> appears to be a real signature on it. The note said, "you'll be
>> hearing from me
>> again." I guess he wasn't kidding.

Hey gang,

I'm bummed. I always send him at least $10 and I never got an autograph. I send the $ partly cause I always do hear from him, mostly on the NewsHour, where he generally does a good job at saying what I want said, alone among the regular whores, until our gal Cynthia (McKinny, not Tucker, of course) started getting some air time, which seems to be the only kinda time that counts.


Somebody tell me bad stuff about Bill Bradley. He sounds pretty good in interview, but I know there's more to it. And why Dollar Bill.


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