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Writing in today's Journal of Commerce (http://www.joc.com) [December 16, 1998], London Observer writer Denis Stauton notes that the Habsburg family played a key role in dismantling the Berlin Wall, via the Paneuropa Union.

This organization was founded in 1923 but today serves as a vehicle for Habsburg influence in European politics. Otto von Habsburg is its international president, and his son Karl is its leader in Austria.

"The Paneuropa Union made a brief impact in August 1989," notes Sauton, "when, at a picnic on the Austro-Hungarian border, it cut through the frontier fence and allowed 650 East Germans through to freedom, paving the way for the fall of the Berlin Wall."

Otto von Habsburg, a close colleague of Mises's, will be the recipient of the Schlarbaum Prize in Auburn, Alabama, at the Mises Institute celebration of the 50th anniversary of the publication of Human Action, and its restoration with Human Action: The Scholar's Edition (http://mises.org/product.asp?sku=B310).

The dates of the dinner and conference are February 5-6, 1999. For more information, see "Upcoming Events" on http://mises.org, phone Pat Barnett at 334-844-3145, or email her at pat at mises.org.

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