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Thu Dec 17 16:43:24 PST 1998

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Over the last few months I've found myself defending Clinton against the
> vile creeps who want to impeach him. Having written almost nothing but
> diatribes against him since 1992, this was a strange feeling. Now, after
> this attack on Iraq, I think the hell with him. I hope he suffers. Impeach
> the bastard, humiliate him. Make the U.S. look absurd in the eyes of the
> world.

Well, I've tried my best NOT to defend him, whilst attacking the vile creeps who want to impeach him. I'm all for letting Ken Starr have a go at him once he leaves office (if Starr himself isn't under indictment, that is!)

But pragmatically I've been in favor of impeachment for some time. I figure it's the best chance to derail the proposed dismemberment of Social Security, and slow down whatever NAFTA expansions, resurrections of the MAI and whatever else may be on the globalmaniacs' agenda.

Nothing like a good 8-month trial in Senate to slow the bastards down.

Looks like I'll get the chance to see if it works.

Alas! I was hoping that impeachment would just squeak through. A 1-vote margin would mean that Mr. Kim, under house arrest, wearing that charming little ankle bracelet, would have cast the deciding vote.

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