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In message <v04011742b29f296f2c65@[]>, Doug Henwood <dhenwood at> writes
>Over the last few months I've found myself defending Clinton against the
>vile creeps who want to impeach him. Having written almost nothing but
>diatribes against him since 1992, this was a strange feeling. Now, after
>this attack on Iraq, I think the hell with him. I hope he suffers. Impeach
>the bastard, humiliate him. Make the U.S. look absurd in the eyes of the

Yes, it's funny how Clinton managed to make the impeachment process look like a principled attempt to restrain the presidency when we all know it's just an attempt to side-step the electorate the minute he bomber Iraq.

Like Doug, I wrote articles attacking the impeachment process, but now I will have a good laugh if the prick gets sacked for something so comically un-serious.

That said, I agree with whoever it was who said that if he is impeached for adultery then by definition he has not been taken to account for his actions on Iraq. It might seem like hair-splitting, but poetic justice is not the same thing as real justice. Let's not leave things in the laps of the gods - after all that was Monica's mistake.

I wish that the Iraqi propagandists would make more of the connection. Perhaps they should give Monica honorary citizenship, or all start wearing Monica T-Shirts on tv, or perhaps 'make love not war, Bill' T- shirts.

In Parliament last night MP George Galloway parodied prime minister Tony Blair's comment that the goal was to 'degrade and diminish' Saddam's weaponry: 'What has been degraded and diminished' said the parliamentarian, 'is us in this house'. Afterwards the left-wing Labour MPs were denied a vote on the war through some outrageous procedural trickery by the speaker.

On BBC Radio my editor at LM magazine Mick Hume was doing a summation of the week programme with some Tory MP, and managed to get some good digs in about UNSCOM's discovery of 'memos of mass destruction'. -- Jim heartfield

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