delay & DeLay

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Dec 18 07:26:11 PST 1998

> My window into the Washington right, Weekly Standard & New York Press
> writer Chris Caldwell, told me the other day that if the impeachment vote
> were to be delayed by 2-3 weeks, the country would get to know
> DeLay better
> and would develop a Gingrich-level revulsion against him. Caldwell also
> pointed out this irony: Gingrich fell because of anti-impeachment feeling,
> but had he not fallen, the impeachment vote would never have happened.
> Gingrich is too much the establismentarian to have permitted it.

I doubt it. He's not publically visible or vocal enough.

Newt's egomania led him to expose himself, so to speak. I've seen no sign that Delay is similarly self-deluded.


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