the Butler did it

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Dec 24 08:53:28 PST 1998

Frances Bolton (PHI) wrote:

>I expect that this passage is making people that much more excited about
>the impending Judy fiesta. Reminder: we need people to volunteer to do
>each chapter. Since it was Snit's idea, she is obligated to take a
>chapter. Sweet Alec has already offered to do one. I am now volunteering
>to do one. Max--you gonna take one? Doug? How do people learn to write
>like this? Anyone willing to take a stab at translating it?

One way they learn is by reading lots of Hegel - that was Butler's dissertation topic, right?

I'll do the intro; Alec has chap 6. That leaves 5 chapters unclaimed (and part of chapter 5 is Adam Phillips' commentary.


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