The Butler did it, I think

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Fri Dec 25 06:30:48 PST 1998

>Jameson, but what little I have suggests he
>knows a bit more about political economy than most of his cultural
>studies contemporaries. I was impressed that he at least gives a nod to
>political economy and even cites Ernst Mandel's long-waves in the
>economy as his source for cycles in culture. Just a thought...

This sounds very interesting. Anyone know the gist of the cycle/waves thing?

>One almost never *hears* grammatical errors by speakers -- illusions to the
>contrary are based on confusing grammar with etiquette).
when my friend Susan calls me on some grammatical mis-step, I never remind her that it was I that edited her papers when she was in law school, oh, so many years ago. I do think it would be helpful if kids had a clue that they were bending the rules. Just as a survival skill. Susan also always keeps her left hand in her lap when she's eating, never wears white after Labor Day and co-ordinates accessories, but we've been getting each other out of jams (usually, auto or cat related ) for so long, we're used to each other, I guess.

Putting off wrapping presents till the last possible moment-pms

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