Ward Churchill/Laos? and CIA mind control in Canada

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 26 12:05:45 PST 1998

Carrol Cox wrote:

> It is also pretty clear that the
> chief political use of conspiracy theories of the Kennedy assassination is in
> apologetics for the u.s. involvement in Vietnam. It takes the onus off the ruling
> class and puts it on a few glamorous cold warriors in the CIA. It lets the
> servants take the blame for their masters.
> Actually, focusing on the conspiratorial features even of actual conspiracies is a
> political error. It plays to bourgeois individualism, to the ideology immortally
> sloganized by Thatcher in her claim that society does not exist, only individuals.


This is a very perceptive observation. This perspective can be extended to include statism itself. The role of government is to perform the morally unacceptable work for society that individuals find too rehrehensible to do individually, like the death penalty, mass murder as in war, stealing as in mal-distribution of wealth, imperialism and colonialism. It is a classic anarchist view. Statism destroyed the Third International.


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