Chemical Weapons in the 'War on Drugs'

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Wed June 24 Wojtek wrote:

>Amen! And add to it that 'possession' - like medieval 'being
possessed' is
>impossible to prove as a matter of fact. Possession is a claim - it
>exists when a person makes that claim. If such claim is not made -
>possession ceases it exist, and hence cannot be 'proved,' at least by
>rationals means. That something is found in the area I control, like
>basement of my house or the trunk of my car - does not mean that I
>'possess' it for it could have been planted there by someone else.
>BTW, many Eastern European countries, whose legal systems were based on
>Napoleonic code, did not prosecute possession, but distribution and
>'public' use of controlled substances. That is, if the stuff was found
>me that meant nothing in court unless the cops could prove that I
>manufactured, stole or bought it, or when I smoked that in front of
>That tells me that EE legal system was based on more rational premises
>the US legal witchcraft. Substitute "drugs" with "demons" or "Satan"
>you will see that the so-called "justice" system in this country is not
>that much different from medieval inquisition - both resting on the
>concept of 'possession.'
>Best regards,
>Wojtek Sokolowski

I know of a needle-exchange program in Chicago that, upon registration, gives the member a yellow card. This card makes possession of drug paraphernalia--namely, needles--legal, as long as the card is with the person. The legal documentation (legislation nos., explanation) is printed on the card: I wish I had the specifics on this. Do you know if this is common practice with needle exchanges? in Baltimore? No doubt widespread programs like this, with PR etc., would complicate drug illegality PR.


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