PKI in 1965

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sat Jul 11 11:11:36 PDT 1998

Rakesh Bhandari wrote:

>At any rate, the
>on-going subsumption of those old Stalinist regimes under the new
>Washington consensus hasn't much stopped the death march, has it?

Hardly. Russian male life expectancy is now at late 19th century levels, and the population shrinkage there (and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere in Eastern Europe) is without precedent in peacetime. But since you can't point to a demonic Uncle Joe ordering the murders, no systemic judgments are passed. And what about the increase in mortality and decline in health caused by the Third World debt crisis? People all across Africa, South Asia, and Latin America died so that Walter Wriston's credits might be serviced. But, hey, who's counting?


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