Microsoft 1, Navy (divide-by) 0

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Tue Jul 21 12:28:54 PDT 1998

I'd personally lobby for a bill requiring all U.S. military, intelligence and police agencies as well as the UC Berkeley Dept. of Economics and all Fortune 500 companies to use only Microsoft software. Unfortunately, I don't think even Bill Gates has enough influence to get that one passed. (:-<}

- Aaron

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>Subject: Microsoft 1, Navy (divide-by) 0
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>For the computer propeller-heads among you, and apropos various
>'Microsoft' discussions over the last several several, check out:
>about a Navy 'SmartShip' that had its computer systems crash due to a
>divide-by-zero error, and notably, this quote
>"Because of politics, some things are being forced on us that without
>political pressure we might not do, like Windows NT," Redman said. "If
>it were up to me I probably would not have used Windows NT in this
>particular application. If we used Unix, we would have a system that
>has less of a tendency to go down."
>(Ron Redman, deputy technical director of the Fleet Introduction
>Division of the Aegis Program Executive Office)
>Anyone know how much Microsoft does in sales to the armed services? to
>the federal govt (excl. armed services)? does govt pay street price
>for NT systems, or do they pay 'toilet-seat' prices for the same goods
>we get?
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