disinterested science

michael perelman michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Mon Jul 27 18:13:31 PDT 1998

I am surprised that nobody has mentioned the fact that more and more, science has been corporatized, with scientists hewing the corporate line and sworn to secrecy. I had a section discussing this trend in my new book, Class Warfare in the Information Age (St. Martin's 1998).

I am now looking through Krimsky, Sheldon. 1996. "Financial Interests of Authors in Scientific Journals: A Pilot Study of 14 Publications." Science and Engineering Ethics, 2, pp. 395-410.

Scarey stuff. In any case, the idea of disinterested scientists searching for truth is becoming less and less reflective of reality. -- Michael Perelman Economics Department California State University Chico, CA 95929

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