Greed is good

Jim heartfield Jim at
Thu Jun 11 10:36:46 PDT 1998

In message <19980611153410.11450.qmail at>, charles brown <cdehbrown at> writes
>Yes,isn't taking risks for suckers who the really successful capitalists
>can take advantage of ? It seems to me that real capitalists do
>everything possible to make their profits and maximum profits a sure
>thing. Risktaking is a myth like Horatio Alger. They "externalize" costs
>and risks.

Indeed. The era of capitalist entrepreneurship seems long past. The days when capitalists took risks, even risks with other peoples lives belong to a bygone era. The booming parrts of the economy seem to be all about avoiding risk - insurance, hedging investments and so on. With an outlook of minimising risk, it is hardly surprising that there is not much innovation going on. -- Jim heartfield

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