Gender, Race, and Publishing on the Left

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>publically or privately? published or unpublished? so tell me, how come
>all these marxist groups are still headed by white men? point me in the
>direction of marxist work (of the nonfeminist variety) which discusses
the >oppression of working class women. maggie coleman mscoleman at

A whole range of Marxist writers have written about segmentation of the workplace and the way women and minority workers have generally been left in a worse and structurally oppressed position compared to white male workers. Gordon, Edwards and Reich in their SEGMENTED WORK, DIVIDED WORKERS were early promoters of this view but a range of other folks have more recently noted the global nature of the exploitation of female workers.

As for all Marxist groups being headed by white men, it's just not true at this point. Hard left groups like Workers World Party have largely women of color leadership at the top, while the Committees of Correspondence (of which I'm a member) does not have a single white male among its five co-chairs. Democratic Socialists of America has a female executive director at the moment, I believe.

Critical views on the ongoing process of improving left actions and process are always needed, but blanket condemnation of left allies does seem a bit too harsh in a world where the real enemies commit so many crimes of intent rather than omission.

--Nathan Newman

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