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Tue Oct 20 11:06:37 PDT 1998

Hello Frances!

I saw that same article in the St. Petersburg Times, with the picture of that jerk with his "AIDS Cures Fags" placard and all. If I had seen that at my friend's funeral, I'd have killed the bastard on the spot. I also read that letter-to-the-editor from the Christian Coalition. Good God, that was truly disgusting, those fucking hypocrites.

You know, if they took their crap seriously, they'd applaud Shepard's murder; Leviticus explicitly instructs them to stone homos to death. (And Numbers commands the faithful to do the same to people who work on the Sabbath; in fact, it specifies that the faithful should drag the Sunday-working blasphemer out of the city limits first before executing him, presumably so as not to further defile the town. Oddly enough I don't see the Christian Coalition picketing Pick-Kwiks, hospitals, and police stations.)

Concerning, a while back I stumbled on an expose of that psychopath Fred Phelps. It was written by one John Michael Bell under contract for the Topeka Capital-Journal (gotta love that name, huh guys?). But the Capital-Journal got cold feet after Phelps threatened to sue their asses off, so they killed the article. The article seems to be tied up in some litigation, where it may or may not be legal for someone to redistribute the story. If it's illegal, sue me.

The file I downloaded is called EXPOSE.HTML, and it's 347,248 bytes in size. I'm sure no one would mind if I append it to this post, right Doug? Just kidding. In its own way, it is as disgusting as the contents of If you are going to nauseate yourselves by looking at the Reverend Phelps's web site, why not complete the process by reading about the Rev. himself? Make an atheist out of ya, you betcha.

At any rate, rather than attach it to this post, I FTP'd it to my web site, so if you have a strong stomach you may want to have a look at it.

Yours WDK - WKiernan at

Frances Bolton (PHI) wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Oct 1998 Meredith_Glueck at wrote:
> > i wasn't at the funeral-actually, i haven't heard anything
> > about the funeral-perhaps that's good cuz the family rightfully
> > wanted some privacy-But yeah, i did hear there was going to be a
> > group of anti-gay protesters who were still going to protest--kind
> > of sick-
> The funeral was covered in our local paper. there was a photo on the
> front page of a guy carrying a sign that said "AIDS cures fags." There
> were more than a thousand people there, and maybe a couple of dozen
> of those awful people from Westboro Baptist Church. People attending
> the funeral stood in front of the Westboro folks, singing Amazing
> Grace and holding open umbrellas. they did this to hide the Westboro
> people from the Shepard family. That day, the letters to the editor
> included one from the christian coalition, deploring the murder, and
> intolerance in general. They must be scared.
> frances

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