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greetings oh exalted ones-

>Jim Devine jdevine at &
>"It takes a busload of faith to get by." -- Lou Reed.

Amen brother.

>>omeone who says we're in a revolutionary situation right now seems to be
>doing nothing but undermining his (or her) own credibility. It sounds like

I said, Amen.

HEY MAX-I can't get there from here?
>>Some of his journalistic pieces can be found at
> Check them out and decide for your own self.
>Hey Max, I couldn't get there from here?

>"Public media should not contain explicit or implied descriptions of sex
>acts. Our society should be purged of the perverts who provide the
>media with pornographic material while pretending it has some redeeming
>social value under the public's 'right to know.' Pornography is
>pornography, regardless of the source."
> -Kenneth Starr, 1987, interview with Dianne Sawyer - 60 minutes

Thank you jf noonan for this cheering tid-bit.

>Ok if evoking "socialism" or "expropriation"
>doesn't give substance to a program
>what to you are the goals of the "Left"
>that is observing business here ?
Charles-Personally, I want to understand what the real deal is, and hopefully convey that to people who are clueless to any alternative. I'd be happy if we could undo the damage done by anti-communnist hysteria and inject the "Left" vocabulary into all debates. What the people do with it is a matter of faith, not inevitability(unless we're praying for Stalinism or whatever).

>I had to borrow $5000 from
>my retirement funds to pay my rent. No, the answer is to lay off the ruling
>class, not plead for higher unemployment benefits for the people who create
>the wealth of society. Marxists are for the abolition of wage slavery.

Louis, I think this stance is much easier to take when you have $5000 to lend yourself. Would you sacrifice universal healthcare for the sake of linquistic marginallization? Would that make you morally responsible for as many deaths as say, Union Carbide. Do the means justify the ends? If I truly believed that your stance was the most productive, I would be engaged in weapons training, not chit-chat. If Mark has enough do-ray-me for expensive wagers maybe the folks in Chiapas would be a more productive use of those funds.

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