Promoting Mass Purchasing Power

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Sep 19 08:40:30 PDT 1998

>Louis, I think this stance is much easier to take when you have $5000 to
>lend yourself.

I was really tough on myself when I missed a payment. I broke my pinky to show myself that I wasn't kidding around.

>Would you sacrifice universal healthcare for the sake of linquistic

Linguini marinalliza? Sure, why not. I love Italian food.

>Would that make you morally responsible for as many
>deaths as say, Union Carbide. Do the means justify the ends?

The only deaths I would hold myself morally responsible for are the skunks who drive in their cars from New Jersey, park on my block, and cause noise pollution with their fucking car alarms. Once we establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, all traffic into NYC will have to be on foot.

>If I truly believed that your stance was the most productive, I would be
>engaged in weapons training, not chit-chat.

Give me your address. I want to send you a rocket-launcher. Then wait for further instructions. Your target will either be the stage of the next Michael Bolton or Kenny G. concerts.

>If Mark has enough do-ray-me
>for expensive wagers maybe the folks in Chiapas would be a more productive
>use of those funds.

Mark is very tight with Subcommandante Zero. Everytime they get together, they drink Tequila and argue about Althusser.

>A Proud Member of the Idealogically Inept Since 1965

Was this when you were born or the date when you first discovered that you were inept?

Louis Proyect (

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