marching in goose step (was: Slogans)

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Fri Apr 9 08:59:50 PDT 1999

At 01:43 PM 4/7/99 -0400, Max Sawicky wrote:
>As for the ad hominem issue, on which I've been tediously vocal,
>the maxim "scratch a social-democrat find a Nazi" gives me a lot
>of latitude.

Sorry, Max, if you saw it that way, but it was intended as a statement of facts rather than an ad hominem. German social democrats and assorted liberal democracy types are quite notorious for marching in goose step each time the Vaterland calls.

In the 1st World War, almost the entire German left capitulated to their Vaterland's war effort - with few notable exceptions, such as one Polish Jew who was also a woman - for which she was first imprisoned and later bludgeoned to death by the forces of Weimar liberal democracy.

Weimar's assorted champions of 'civil society' were quite sympathetic toward Hitler's ascent to power, whom they saw as a healthy antidote to the spread of "bolshevism." As I understand it, the tiny German opposition to Hitler's genocidal plans would be all but forgotted in their vaterland, had not they been remembered in the Holocaust museum in washigton DC.

The Bundesrepublik does not score much better either. For the primer, I suggest watching the German film "The Nasty Girl" based on a true story. "Nasty" in the title refers to the heroine's habit of scratching the veneer of respectablity of prominent German citizens and finding Nazis underneath.

For her efforts, she received numerous international awards, but was literally driven out of the Bundesrepublik by the forces of liberal democracy who, among other, fire-bombed her house and killed her pets.

Right now the "red-green" coalition lines up behind their fuehrer who was the first post-war german leader to introduce German troops in a combat situation.

Well, it took Nixon to go to China, and it takes liberal demorcats like Clinton and his British and German cronies to abolish welfare state and restore to old policies militarism in the name of the lebensraum, re-named 'civil society' and 'human rights' for the occassion.

With liberal/social democracies like those in the UK or Germany, who needs fascism anymore?


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