marching in goose step (was: Slogans)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Apr 9 10:16:11 PDT 1999

Wojtek wrote:
> Right now the "red-green" coalition lines up behind their fuehrer who was
> the first post-war german leader to introduce German troops in a combat
> situation.
> Well, it took Nixon to go to China, and it takes liberal demorcats like
> Clinton and his British and German cronies to abolish welfare state and
> restore to old policies militarism in the name of the lebensraum, re-named
> 'civil society' and 'human rights' for the occassion.
> With liberal/social democracies like those in the UK or Germany, who needs
> fascism anymore?
Wojtek, I can understand your feelings, but it neither adds any enlightenment nor does it help politically to revive the politics of social-fascism again. Historically such policies added to the failure of the German workers movement to fight the Nazis and prevent the holocaust. Today it does not help to equate Hitler and Schröder as well. First, if you listen to the statements of Fischer and Scharping you will note that they justify the aggression against Yugoslavia with the slogan 'Auschwitz, never again'. Its with this anti-fascist rhetoric they try to get quite sucessfully some support from the generation of 68 for their war efforts. Especially among the greying 68er their is most support for the war. If you read the taz daily you will find it to be the most pro-war daily in Germany today, whereas the conservative Welt is the most critical (towards the war) mainstream paper in Germany. Old cold warriors like Hellmuth Schmidt and Alfred Dreger have critisiced the war and former conservative minister of defence Rühe has warned several times against the use of ground force. Though its not so outspoken, but there is asplit inside the German bourgeiosie about this war. Tactically an anti-war movement has to take this split into account. Secondly and more important: Inside the union and the SPD resistance against the war is rising. Those working class voices have to get stronger and it does not help at all to tell they are only camouflaged Nazis. Johannes

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