The Bourgeois Right to Bear Arms

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> ou are absolutely right. The criminologist Dane Archer (_Violence and
> Crime in Cross-National Perspective_, New Haven: Yale U Press, 1984) notes
> upsurges of violent crimes in the aftermath of wars and armed conflits
> among nations. That tendencey is especially pronounced in victorious
> nations. He explains that government use of violence legitimizes it, in
> eyes of citizens, as a means of conflict resolutions.

Somehow, I don't think that these two young men were looking for resolution. This is a lot more complicated than mimicry of state violence--although I wouldn't discount this as a small part of it.

> So it should not be very
> surprising that a few deranged kids followed his footsteps and went ona
> shooting spree to boost their own dwindling popularity.

Hmmm presuming that they figured they were going to be around to enjoy their popularity and fame. That's not quite likely what they had in mind. Suicide is often about control, about experiencing and feeling in control of one's life when everything else seems out of and beyond one's control.

> BTW, NRA is a living proof of a deadly attraction between guns and
> psychopaths. Ordinary criminals appear are paragons of purpose-rationality
> vis a vis NRA crazies. It is not criminals with guns that I fear, but the
> law abiding NRA psychopaths.

Oh please. Nothing like homogenizing an entire group of people. Do you even know any law-abiding NRA psychopaths?

Emma Chissitt


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