Sadie Plant

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Feb 3 20:28:46 PST 1999

> I think all her cybergrrrl stuff is cut from the same cloth. She's
> also the author of a surprizingly dull book on the Situationist
> International.

Curtiss, I liked that Plant book, esp the comparison between debored and baurdillard. Plant also mentioned this cool cat named Rene Vienet, I think. Having forgotten my Chipp intro to modern art, I would have been lost in the Duchamp corridor at the Philly museum if I hadn't read Plant's helpful discussion of surrealism in her genealogy of situationism. And her discussion of how situationist insights are at the root of some postmodern insights is quite helpful too. She also qutoes Debord: this is "the first time in contemporary Europe no party or faction of a party even tried to pretend that they wish to change anything sigificant." In the US this is called Rortyism, I believe. If you are looking for a tough critique of the situationists, I once read a good Marxian one by Jean Barrot.

yours, rakesh

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