Nasty California Imports

frances bolton fbolton at
Wed Feb 17 08:20:36 PST 1999

Michael P. asks:

>Frances, have the compassionate conservatives taken over Florida, too?
>Our state still hosts a stronghold of the good old nasty variety. We
>will have the defense of marriage on our ballot soon.
I haven't lived here long, but I get the sense that the compassionate conservatives haven't taken it over so much as the Repubs. joined the Dems, who were already compassionate conservatives. Michael H. or WDK might have more to say about this.

Our new director of the state's Worker's Comp. Division is a former state sen. who opposed compensation of the survivors of the 1923 Rosewood Massacre and blamed the defeat of his school prayer bill on "Jewish senators who don't believe in Jesus." This guy is one of our Democrats.


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