Greater Confidence in Democrats, Poll Finds

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Wed Nov 10 17:34:31 PST 1999

Anyone have any background on the Bush family fortune. One of my pals got a report of some pre-WWII business connections with Germany that he couldn't get a handle on---anything to this business?


Maureen Therese Anderson wrote:

> James F. wrote:
> >(Indeed, I would bet that
> >almost every subscriber to this list did better than Bush
> >on the SAT exam).
> I read that he scored in the 1200s. If memory serves, this is still higher
> than ninety-percent of test-takers (themselves mostly students bound for
> 4-year-colleges). I certainly hope this list isn't mostly comprised of
> that narrow slice of the social spectrum which outscored Bush. In our zeal
> to illuminate GWB's class-privilege let's not counter-productively lend
> legitimacy to such a tightly class-correlated "aptitude"-measurer as the
> SAT.
> Maureen
> (first-generation college attender who probably scored lower than GWB but
> really don't recall--only remember filling in all those dreadful little
> ovals with #2 pencil while suddenly wishing I hadn't slept through math
> class and wondering what would happen if I craftily filled in two ovals per
> question instead of one...)

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