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Tue Nov 30 15:49:34 PST 1999

CNN just claimed that protesters pushed the police too far, and violence broke out. What most likely happened was that the police wanted to clear the protesters out of the way and gassed them.

The CNN question to the reporter was "Is any work getting done" in Seattle, and is any productive work being accomplished by the WTO? I would say the protest itself is the best work getting done in Seattle right now.


Max Sawicky wrote:

> Here's a few links. Reports do not mention rubber bullets,
> though a Post headline says "Violence Breaks Out." The Opening
> ceremonies have already been scuttled.
> mbs
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> Now my sister says they're releasing tear gas and shooting with rubber
> bullets. those can take an eye out. I hope no one has asthma down there.
> some Uow students are walking down the middle of the highway to get to
> downtown.
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