Nader's pale green

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Aug 18 08:52:40 PDT 2000

Chuckie said: The Green Party movement in the U.S. will be dead within five years. Nader will do well in this election, enough to get the Green Party matching election funds. This means millions of dollars to play with, which means every political kook in America will smell the fresh green. When the 2004 Green Party convention rolls around, every nutter from the Reform Party will be there, as well as thousands of activists from Leftist paries. . . . .

Quite true, but not relevant. What matters w/Nader is the power of his ideas. If they prove to have some power, that will affect the political landscape. The organizational implications are the least clear, and this is a shortcoming of his campaign.

As for anarchism, that will be a passing fad too. The next wave among the young will be a return to square. Polka music and line dancing will be big. The Mills Bros. and Billy Eckstein will enjoy a revival. Nose rings will be out -- horn-rimmed glasses in. Instead of black, lots of plaid and ban-lon. Soccer out, bowling in. Vegetables will have gotten so toxic from modern agriculture that people will renounce veganism and invent burgerismo. Ketchup will come in six different colors, including radioactive blue.

You heard it here first.


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