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Fri Mar 17 01:29:05 PST 2000

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To Seth A.

>Again, you distort the facts. NATO made no estimates of 100,000 deaths.
>They continued to estimate that deaths were, as of April 19th, only 3200

>Find one sentence anywhere where NATO made an estimate anywhere in the range
>of 100,000, or quit repeating this distortion.

Bernard Kouchner said on 2 August 1999 that 11 000 bodies had *already been found* citing the Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. In August, too, one of the Spanish forensic scientists working on massacre sites told El Pais 'I have been reading the data from the UN. They began with 44 000 deaths. Then they lowered it to 22 000. And now they are going with 11 000. I look forward to seeing what the final count will be.'

Clearly arguing about the numbers killed has some unlovely connotations and if even one person is killed that is a crime, let alone 3000. But sadly the uniform exaggeration of the scale of the killing was a common feature of the UN's war propaganda. So too was the accusation of 'holocaust denial' made against anyone who questioned those figures. For us now to censor out even the false estimates bandied about by the War Crimes Tribunal, the UN and the civilian administrator Bernard Kouchner, for fear of exposing their propagandistic use of these numbers, that really would be a revision of history. -- Jim heartfield

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