snip name calling blatantly placed in subject: header (was: Nut Casey)

kelley kwalker2 at
Mon Oct 9 07:26:36 PDT 2000

> And I foolishly thought that the
>"anti-Communist/Stalinist" bit was about as low a form of "political"
>discourse as one could go here.

i don't know you particularly well leo, but i find jim and yoshie's behavior idiotic, though expected and the mark of, my observation only, someone who is a dogmatist or a prig. since you recognize that you're dealing with idiotic behavior, then just ignore. telltale sign: they start addressing you in the third person interrogative, hit <delete>. at that point, you are not being dealt with as a particular interlocutor in a discussion, debate or, even, flame war (yes, i don't think flame wars are bad and for someone who derided them not too long ago, you do pretty well
:). no, at this point you are not leo casey but, rather, some convenient
from name to grab by the digital shirt collar and hold up to the mailing list audience. blow them off, don't defend your honor because no one but the already converted takes the performance seriously. the person engaging you that way is speaking to his or her "friends" or his or her imagined "choir."

the proper response is: wotevA.


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