LBO = flame city? (was RE: Survivor!)

Gordon Fitch gcf at
Thu Oct 26 06:47:29 PDT 2000

"kelley" <kwalker2 at>:
> >the equivalent around here used to be "bourgeois liberal" in terms of when
> >it becomes a thread.

Nathan Newman:
> No, the harshest it gets (from experience) is usually "social imperialist"-
> there is a hint of fascist accusation there....

I don't read everything, but I thought the explicit association of environmentalism and animal-rights politics with Naziism was the harshest it gets. It was kind of dumb, too, which is the real problem with flammage. Vitriol can be entertaining, but it's got to be high-quality vitriol.

At least Godwin's Rule was fulfilled. It's comforting to see the eternal verities manifested.

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