R.I.P.: Adbusters

Chuck0 chuck at tao.ca
Tue Oct 31 12:45:32 PST 2000

kelley wrote:
> >
> >Yup, the Second Annual Steal Something Day is happening at the end of
> >November.
> maybe this has already happened but... was trying to explain to my mom
> what a DDoS attack was so i compared it to everyone going to the mall but
> just jamming the entrances to the parking lot and the mall so no one could
> park or get in.
> then it occurred to me that instead of NOT shopping on the day after
> Thanksgiving, it would be nice if we had enough people to go to the mall,
> jam the parking lot with their biggest vehicles and swarm the mall and NOT
> buy a thing.
> especially intriguing to me since one of the degradations of the mall is
> that, unlike other forms of consumption, the shopping mall has been
> aggressively built to kept it segregated from the rest of life and to keep
> politics absolutely away from its "private" space.

Sounds like a plausible idea, but how about making the mall a site of "politics"?

Yeah, I know they have mall security, but how about making a surgical strike and then leaving? Hand out some flyers (walking through the mall) or spraypaint store windows. There's a whole realm of possibilities because most people just don't expect this to happen.

Social hacking at the Mall.


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