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Fri Aug 31 02:16:16 PDT 2001

Chuck Grimes wrote:

> But Dave, check out There are a couple of
> little graphics there advertising AK as a brand name---obviously
> promoting weapons sales to the likes of Usama ben Gee-I-Wonder-Who.

I suspect you mean the tiny "Get Kalashnikov Now!" graphic at the bottom left corner of:

Well, with the aid of Quark Express and Photoshop, I have faithfully duplicated said excellent logo (appropriated from Kalashnikov & Co., which will have me pursued by shadowy figures speaking in non-American accents in short order), and added a topical tagline at bottom. I hereby commit it to the public domain, as seen at the bottom of the following page:

The above is for entertainment purposes only, of course.


/ dave /

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