Bookchin v. "lifesyle anarchism"

Gordon Fitch gcf at
Sun May 6 09:07:09 PDT 2001

> There is no "lifestyle anarchism" as Bookchin defines it, because in his
> worldview, anybody who has ever criticized him is a "lifestyle anarchist." He
> completely failed to address the more common use of that phrase, used to
> moralistically condemn "anarchists" who are into the trappings of anarchism,
> such as the look, the lifestyle, and so on.
> I've always thought that there were more important things to worry about than
> these few people who aren't a problem. But I have been annoyed with anarchists
> who attempt to use this concept to condemn other anarchist activists who engage
> in campaigns like Food Not Bombs or pirate radio. There is still this leftover
> Left dogmatism in anarchism which says that the only appropriate locus of
> resistance to the state and capitalism is the workplace. This ignores that the
> "workers" have lives and needs and desires away from the world of work. ANd this
> ignores the importance of these projects to the creation of the culture of
> resistance and the demonstration of how anarchism works in practice.

It also ignores the wholeness of the system -- it participates in the very partitioning with which leftists often tax liberals.

Is Bookchin is associated with any praxis whatever? Does anyone know? I know he talks a good fight, but I haven't heard that he has involved himself in, say, union organizing or local electoral politics, which his theories seem to call for.

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