Detroit most segregated city in US

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Thu May 10 10:31:34 PDT 2001

I apologize for linking to a press report in my post yesterday when the full report, tables, and spreadsheets are all freely (and generously available from the Mumford Center ).

At 12:40 PM 5/10/01, Charles Brown wrote:
>Detroit is not a segragated city inside Detroit. The minority of whites
>who live in Detroit are not residentially segregated from the Black
>majority. However, Detroit has an large majority Black population (80%) ,
>and Detroit's majority white suburbs are racially segregated from Detroit.

Detroit has an African-American population of 71.4% according to the 2000 U. S. census. It is the 4th "blackest" city in the USA. (Benton Harbor, Birmingham, and one I forget have a higher percentage of African-Americans.

While it is true that the dissimilarity analysis found that Detroit is the most segregated area (city and suburbs) in the U. S., if you look at cities alone Detroit comes in around 16th using my calculation (I could not find their overall city ranking in my browsing the site). Their dissimilarity index as a city alone is still very high. Dissimilarity is measured by the difference between the overall racial breakdown of the city/area with the individual census tracts.

>Thread title would be more accurately most racially segregated
>metropolitan area.

Charles is correct here but I would still include "one of the most segregated cities" to that as well.



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