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> I agree that it is better for children/adolescents to be able to make an
> actual contribution (through work) to their family and society; but I
> think, the way that is done is also very important.
> Also I don't understand what you mean by "democratizing" in the following:
> "Production of social relations that give
> rise to _long_ periods of childhood & adolescence (during which
> individuals are not asked to take on social roles & tasks aside from
> being children/adolescents, playing, learning, etc.) among the
> working class, beyond the offsprings of the bourgeois & the
> petit-bourgeois, is part of the democratizing process of capitalist
> development."

This is disturbing talk. I would rather, instead, do as much to blur the lines between "work/play", "child/adult", as possible. If we could make work that would be as free an expression of energy as the play of children... about which I think there's a relevant quotation from Marx somewhere. Besides, I'd rather watch my nephew playing with his trucks than to see him taking out the garbage; I think he makes a great contribution to his family's life.

Paul G.

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