Anti-war List and Web Resource (was Re: Local Anti-War Activities)

kelley kwalker2 at
Sat Oct 6 09:05:53 PDT 2001

At 11:16 AM 10/6/01 -0400, Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
>Kelley wrote:
>>nope. i've decided to donate at least 5% of my raise to these things, if
>>not 5% of my yearly income. cindy would probably donate the space, but
>>she's a struggling business and it's only 100$ for the year and 15$ for
>>the reg. she'll set up an independent discussion list for us as well. if
>>you'd like to share duties and learn how to administer it -- great! it's
>>not too hard. i'm going to look into userland software-- i think it's
>>"community" software that let's members login and change their websites
>>as they wish. not sure though.
>Keep me posted on this. Believe it or not, finally this year I taught
>myself to create & maintain rudimentary websites; and to host & manage
>e-lists. I have yet to learn to do anything fancier than uploading texts
>& pictures & providing links to other sites. However, I consider this (&
>putting my books into the alphabetical order) to be no small achievement
>-- now, if I get a driver's license on top of this, I may catch up with
>the march of Progress yet. :->

yah. you mentioned.

>>>There have been other sites for the same purpose (e.g., Nowar
>>>Collective), but I think there's virtue in having more sites like them,
>>>as the state may try to shut down some of them.
>>yep, mirrors. however, if it's redundant, if there's no need for a
>>general space for orienting people from communities all over, then it may
>>not be worth it because it's just liquidating and scattering communities.
>>i'm not sure. you might know better. i just don't have time to canvass
>>the web to see who's doing what. if you have pointers, i'll do requisite
>>research. i have a big project to finish this weekend, so can get to it monday.
>This is a judgement call -- there may or may not be a need for a new
>site. It's my sense, though, that we have a variety of coalitions
>sprouting all over, which may or may not know one another's existence. I
>don't know if anyone has time enough to "canvass the web to see who's
>doing what" -- if it is to happen, it has to be a collective effort.

well, the canvassing could happen rather easily: we coordinate the mailing of the announcement of the resource for the list: a division of labor. when we drop the announcement, we ask people to contact us with relevant info about their organization or ones they know of. from there, we have a central list of contacts for networking: a central announcement/distribution list.

we also ask that people please forward the announcement to other lists that they're on. that's how i helped ken with the student union struggle in Toronto. I mailed the request to fax/phone/email the Pres of UofT and it got passed on and on and then they started getting help from student unions here in the states, as well as prominent faculty who piped up to tell the Pres to knock it off. while it may not have done much to influence the Prez, it did help the studs in the struggle in Toronto feel as if other people were rooting for them since they got tons of messages of support. no small thing in that situation.

zak macgregor is looking into open source version of Userland software for me (thanks zak) and I'll look into running slashcode so the site content can be dynamic--members of the community contribute articles/announcements, etc on one site . members then post in response. i'm not sure if i want to go there, just yet though. security issues and fuckwit issues. :)


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