Doug: "Whuppass those mofos!"

Kelley kwalker2 at
Thu Oct 18 08:54:44 PDT 2001

At 05:14 PM 10/18/01 +0200, Zak McGregor wrote:

>Funny you equate the use of force to "bringing them to justice". Yoshie
>has never been in favour of using military force unless I'm very much

neither am i! but i really doubt that afghanistan would have invited us in for a looksee around to find ObL Inc, do you?

i'm telling you, however, that it's pretty clear to me that in hostile territory, no UN police force is going to drop ground forces without dropping a few bombs first or covering their tails with some airpower. so, when yoshie and others, including me, called for "justice" we hadn't thought things through. i think jumping on doug's case is unconscionable because he had the balls to point that out or had least had the brains to realize that "justice" wouldn't have been violence free, let alone bomb free.

there are no easy frickin' answers, except carrol's. and his answer is who cares? organize the left.


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