you a mom? who yo daddy? Re: Anti-War Movements

Dennis dperrin13 at
Thu Oct 18 21:33:07 PDT 2001

> --I get this obnoxious crap from parents often enough...Oh, you don't
> have kids, you can't understand...wait until you have real
> responsibilities...I have friends who are single or in relationships w/o
> children who are managing all kinds of life burdens that friends of mine
> who have children don't even come close to facing (at present) and vice
> versa for that matter...I don't see the relevance really of your question
> dennis....
> steve, childless and not a care in the world...(irony alert)...
> Stephen Philion

I'm merely responding to Yoshie's latest outburst. I've nothing against those who have not procreated, but I will not remain silent when Gen. Yoshie tells single mothers what their revolutionary duties are, especially when she has no idea what the fuck she's talking about.


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