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On 5/23/07, Stephen Philion <stephen_philion at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jim S wrote:
> That sounds a bit out there to me. I'm sure if the
> police cordoned off white areas first it might have
> heigtened the riot on korean areas, but the idea that
> there was not interethnic conflict there? Ever heard
> of latasha harlins? Mike Davis describes the riots as
> being one part black rebellion aginst the pd, one part
> latino postmodern bread riot, and one part pogrom
> against korean business owners.
> --Haven't read Davis' book, but the Abelmann and Lie
> book was based on pretty extensive interviews with
> Koreans in the aftermath of the riots. The one thing
> they found was resentment at the way Koreans viewed
> the riots since Koreans were rarely the ones speaking
> about how Koreans actually viewed the riots.
> --------------------------------
> I hear people argue sometimes that conflict between
> different groups of people of color doesn't exist,
> white people just hype it up.... which seems
> pretty wrong to me. In CA its a massive aspect of the
> racial landscape.
> --No, that's certainly not what Ablelmann and Lie are
> saying, or at least the denial element. Of course
> there exists conflict between communities of color and
> the Latasha Harlins incident is covered as well by
> Abelmann and Lie. But they did find resentment at the
> way that incidents like that were read as 'causing'
> the riots in the American media or even that they were
> significant in how the riots transpired.
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