[lbo-talk] Memorial Day

Chuck chuck at mutualaid.org
Sun May 27 22:58:34 PDT 2007

Carl Remick wrote:

> Whatever the truth of all that, I just saw a Memorial Day photo at the
> NY Times website that broke my heart and reminded me how much all
> victims of war deserve the greatest sympathy. The caption of this photo
> reads: "The country began its Memorial Day observances. Mary McHugh
> visited the grave of her fiancé, Sgt. James J. Regan, who was killed in
> Iraq." But Ms. McHugh isn't shown just visiting the grave -- she's
> shown lying, extended, face-down on the grave in what can only be
> described as a romantic embrace. I have seen many horrifying scenes of
> intense misery throughout this war, but I have seen no sight more
> sorrowful than that of this young woman prostrate with grief on the
> grave of her dead lover.

That photo broke my heart too.

What a fucking waste, all of the thousands of Americans, Iraqis and others killed.

It's just fucking obscene that we aren't rioting in the streets, demanding the immediate removal of the Bush regime.


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