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Apologies to the rest of this list.....

Discuss a principle. Then show an example and make people from the audience tell you how the example illustrates the principle. This works either for tech points or the "Why will this work for what we are trying to do?: aspect.

Riskier, mixed in with the good examples, a bad example and ask the audience to fix.

Extra credit if people can identify features related to accessibility/ W3 compliance or whatever your org standard (you do have one?) in that area is.

Cheesy giveaways like low-budget Starbucks or favorite local store gift cards might help keep SOME people's noses out of their blackberries enough to answer questions.

On the other hand if you need to exist in mobile device space, make people suggest how they would strip the code down for that environment.

DO NOT project anything smaller than 16 or 18 point or no one will be able to read it. I have a serious pet peeve about people who do live demos with nothing bigger than the native Windows Explorer display. If you HAVE to demo like that, at least use the Windows Extra Large display characteristics.

Okay, enough of my pet peeves.


On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 1:59 PM, shag carpet bomb <shag at cleandraws.com> wrote:
> if you were invited to a workshop on something techy but for non-techies,
> what would you expect?
> I billed something as a workshop, but I don't think i will ever have time
> for them to actually workshop. I'm walking business development folks
> through some technical issues, and I'm obviously going to spend plenty of
> time laying the language groundwork -- because eyes glaze over and some of
> them freak having to look at lousy html.
> what cheesy thing might i do to give a nod to the workshop concept, without
> having to actually do a workshop.
> of course, instead of being an overachiever, i could just change the title
> on the powerpoint and hope none of them remember the original title!?
> i ask because I got the best replies on my question about ice breakers, with
> Bill Quimby for the WIN! I had thought I was going to do the "Lie to me" one
> Matt suggested, but no time to do Bill's and Matt's. Maybe next month. :)
> shag
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