[lbo-talk] Are Conservatives Racist?

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"Riga ton"?  Ah, yes, a unit of weight specific to the capital of Latvia.

I guess respect and honor doesn't include learning how to spell reggaeton (or reguetón if you prefer) correctly?

Christ, this reminds me of the green shopping bullshit that came out around the time of the Rio summit in 1992.

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On 8/20/2011 7:29 PM, Doug Henwood wrote:

> http://www.antiracism.com/

Which offers:

> 15 Ways Youth Can Help To End Racism
> 1.  Engage in dialogue about race in efforts to end the silence. This means taking risks and
> being present enough to truly hear the other people you’re connecting with.
> 2.  Use “I” statements to be mindful of ethnocentrism. In other words own your experience
> as your own and be open to hearing different realities as there are many.
> 3.  Notice color… racism will not be ended by ignoring our brilliant differences.
> 4.  Enlarge your pride and connection to your own heritage. Learn what you can about
> your family’s history.
> 5.  Speak up to ensure your curriculum at school teaches multicultural history that gives a
> true reflection of America and the World at large.
> 6.  Western culture is thick with repeated implications that we should know it all; adults
> demonstrate this all the time. Claim your wisdom as teens and commit to being lifelong
> learners trusting fully there is always more to learn.
> 7.  Bridge the gap… the myth of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people is on its way out. Be willing to see
> the good in all people as they heal their own racism.
> 8.  Commit to doing regular thinking about where racism and other oppressive thoughts
> show up in your actions. Does feeling comfortable dictate where you hang out? The
> friends you make? Etc. Step out of your box
> 9.  If you are White practice saying it out loud. People of color have no other choice than
> to identify racially in our society while part of white privilege includes not having to think
> about race or claim identity with one. Owning you own race helps us engage in bal-
> anced dialogue.
> 10. If you are White get in touch with the ways racism has hurt you and your family- re-
> member everyone has been hurt as a result of racism.
> 11. Revolutionize humor… if you don’t think you should be laughing at a joke because of its
> racialized focus talk about it with others. Create humor that leaves no one humiliated or
> isolated.
> 12. We cannot transcend racism if we can’t articulate what it is; develop your own ex-
> amples of where you see racism playing out today as to not add to the dismissal we
> engage in culturally.
> 13. Be prepared to vote when you are 18 and be aware of political issues that impact race
> now. A letter to a government official that is written by a minor stating an opinion against
> or for a proposition or bill is weighted twice as important as others in most offices. Im-
> migration policies, voting access, prison reform and so many other issues that intersect
> with race come up daily in politics- you have power.
> 14. Make your own antiracism buttons, stickers, posters etc. in efforts to promote dialogue
> about race.
> 15. Visit culturally specific dance, music and other art forms with respect and honor. (This
> includes Hip-Hop, R&B, Riga ton to name a few)

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