[lbo-talk] Occupy the hood: A black perspective on occupywallstreet

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Dec 14 15:21:55 PST 2011

I usually disagree with Doug on matters of race & the left, but I think he's essentially right here. "Elephant in the room" is a rather odd phase to use in respect to a matter that everyone concerned has discussed and discussed and wrestled with from the very beginning; in fact for 50 years. It's a fact. The enemy scored a coup over us when they elected Obama. I wonder what Clinton would have done to the woma's movement.

Race remains at the center of working-class politics, but this particular fact is no elephant. It's not even a mouse.


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Well, yeah, but what's the point of this exactly? I'm guessing that most OWS participants are more aware of what cops are like than the average Joe. That aside, whites shouldn't complain because things could be worse, i.e., they could be black? Some sort of one-upmanship? Please enlighten.


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> Exactly.
> Joanna
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>> Kinda lame, and the elephant in the room: black people's experience with
law enforcement and prisons is not even mentioned.
> As a tweet put it:
> "Oh? The NYPD are treating you badly? Violent for no reason?
> Weird." - Black People
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