[lbo-talk] Boots Riley on Occupy the Hood

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Dec 22 20:16:08 PST 2011

Gar Lipow: Then again, I never understood the mime hatred in the 60s either. What was that all about? (Not kidding. I genuinely never heard a convincing explanation.)


I don't remember that. At the '68 MLA convention the San Francisco Mime Troupe put on a show in the corridors of the Americana Hotel -- and I don't remember anyone complaining. Tell us more.

And anyhow, aside from a few grouches on this list, who complains about puppets? There is always a detritus around. Some of it fun, some of it boring, some of it politically pointed, some of it quite pointless. So what! A demonstration, rally, march isn't a formal presentation at a Rotarian convention. Junk doesn't hurt anything.



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