[lbo-talk] Left Forum

Shag Carpet Bomb gracehinchcliff at gmail.com
Wed May 30 08:19:12 PDT 2018


Long time no post!

As people with whom I'm friends on Facebook know, I have cancer.

I got some not so great news yesterday, laced with good news: I got the OK to travel because I'm off chemo for a few weeks before I start a clinical trial. Whee!

So, I wanna go to Left Forum!

I've got plane tix and a place to stay in Brooklyn, a Holiday Inn.

Since this is all last minute, I would really love some help with how to get around. Normally, I'd wing it and/or study up on my own. Alas, this chemo takes the piss out of a body and I could use help. Of course, if one of y'all who "know" me from this forum feels comfortable, I'd love an escort/company, too. I'll pay for your registration for Sat and Sun - the days I can go - if you aren't already going.

Also, subway is fine but i tire easily so I'm assuming that I'd take subway combined with taxis? I won't be able to handle a lot of walking.

Finally, if there are folks here who would like to get together at some point, hit me up. we will get in town on Friday evening, stay Sat and Sun and leave afternoon Monday.



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